Our Story.

Park and Seventh Woodwork is a woodworking business located in the historic district of Sanford, FL that specializes in designing and building custom farmhouse tables, rustic furniture and transforming entire spaces with reclaimed wood. Here’s our story:

Mike & Amanda

After moving to the Orlando, FL area in 2014, Michael and Amanda always had an appreciation for great craftsmanship and design. Michael and Amanda both enjoyed weekend projects of restoring old factory carts and repurposing lumber. Once settled in Orlando, Amanda had been eyeing a designer table from a popular retail store and instead, Michael set out to build Amanda a custom, one-of-a-kind farm table that would take her breath away.

Michael’s First Table.

Michael handpicked each plank that would be used in the construction. He was moved by the story that lived within each piece of wood. He finally settled on reclaimed heart pine from a house built in 1910. Once he got the wood home, it was a totally different story. With no workshop or tools (literally a screwdriver, hammer and truck tie downs), Michael spent weeks handcrafting a farm table and side bench that came out beautiful! At that point, Michael realized he had a special talent.

Michael and Amanda continued to dabble in small projects here or there. Projects around the house kept them very busy and in the meantime, Michael was building up a small workshop of tools.

In the summer of 2015, after purchasing a historic home in Sanford, Florida, Michael converted the detached garage into a workshop. After contemplating a name for his woodworking business, he garnered inspiration directly from their new home. Located on Park Avenue and 7th Street, Park and Seventh Woodwork was born.

The business may have originated as a hobby but it has quickly turned into a woodworking profession. Although Park and Seventh Woodwork has had a short existence, the designs and craftsmanship speak for itself.

Michael is the backbone behind the business. He’s the one developing new techniques, pushing the envelope on new designs, executing builds and managing the website. Amanda takes on more of the creative role, doing any type of design work needed. She will be seen helping in the shop too. They make a great team!

After serving in the Marine Corps for close to 10 years, Michael always likes a challenge. The thrill, challenge and accomplishment he feels after completing each custom piece is something beyond words.


“Being able to take a piece of wood that’s over 100 years old, with such a rich history and transform it into something new is very rewarding. But the most rewarding thing for me as a craftsman is seeing the reactions of my customers. I can only hope the pieces I build will be passed down for another 100 years,” says Michael.



Michael and Amanda’s appreciation for history and telling the story of each table is what sets their work apart.

“Anyone can go to a store and pick out a table. But not everyone can look at their table and tell a story. Every imperfection, worn edge, and rough texture adds to the character of the piece. I don’t want to make things that are cookie cutter.”