An Old Bike and a good time.


Had the boys this weekend and was trying to figure out what we could do for a a little fun. So I figured I’d get their bikes out and show them around our cool little town. “Uhh how will I get around?” That’s what went through my head as we only have two bikes. Ah-ha wait a second the previous owners left an old bike in the garage. So I went out to see if I could make it work. 15 mins later and we were up and running…or riding. We rode down to the RiverWalk and showed them where they can ride to and go fishing, then to the park and on the way back stopped by Magnolia Sauare Market (A True German Deli). The boys each got a cold drink, I had a Grapefruit Hefeweizen beer, and we all had a couple of laughs. All this fun for about 15mins work and $5. Sometimes it’s easy to look over the little things. I hope one day the boys can look back and remember the time we had today.

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